SISA partners with leading International Organizations, recognized specialists in their respective fields to provide the very best of products and services to our valued customers. Our major partners are:

Secalt S.A.

S A member of the renowned Tractel group, they are undisputed leaders in Façade Access Solutions, having supplied equipment and Systems to clients in over 80 countries. Their BMU systems are unparalleled for their range, customization, safety and ease of operation.

In addition, there are many other technical solutions (Monorail, Jibs, Platforms, Ladders etc ) developed by Secalt to suit every need that integrate into the building architecture taking into account the customers aesthetic and technical requirements and complying with the most demanding quality standards and safety regulations

They have unique solutions for Permanent Access and Temporary Suspended Access for complex and challenging requirements like Chimneys, Boilers, Power Stations, Dams, Sports Stadia, Stations, and Oil Rigs etc.

Simply put, Secalt systems provide maintenance of world’s most famous buildings. With more than 8000 BMU installations across the world, they lead the field by a very long distance

For more details please visit www.tractel.com

Youngman India Pvt. Ltd.

Youngman have been the pioneers in manufacture of Step Ladders, Ladders, Access & Work Platforms & Modular Access towers since 1926. They have earned international acclaim for providing innovative work at height solutions in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Their quest for advancement and improvement is well supported by uncompromising commitment to quality and safety. Their product range includes:

  1. Step Ladders
  2.  Extension Ladders & Accessories
  3. Combination Ladders
  4. Telescopic Platform Ladders
  5. Access & Work Platforms
  6. Access Towers
  7. Lighting Towers
  8. Aluminium Unit Beams

There is a wide range for every application with assured safety, comfort and ease of  operation.

For more details please visit www.youngmanindia.com


Faraone are widely regarded as the world pioneers and leaders in the field of providing Hydraulic and Electric operated Aerial Working Platforms. Their Platforms are light, easy to operate, ergonomically designed to access the highest working areas with ease and comfort, every time maintaining highest safety standards and norms.

They have the widest range of products, from ladders of various types to Aerial Platforms that rise to the highest points in work area. They are, the only manufacturers to provide AWP of 16 metres height with the minimum machine base that allows for easy movement for effective use on the inside. With modular construction, the hallmark of Faraone equipment, they can also be conveniently used outside.

Today, Faraone have become an absolute leader with a significant part of international market in the work ladder segment. It stands out for its product range and above all for the maximum safety guaranteed to the final consumer.

Faraone has the most modern technologies in the sector as well as 4 production plants for special aluminium ladders, mobile scaffoldings, aerial platforms and window frames, with a total surface area of 60.000 sq m. Their Head Office is in Tortoreto (Te), with plants in Poland, Denmark and Spain.

In association with the SISA Group in India, they have more than 50% market share in the AWP area and are growing rapidly. Their products are ably installed, commissioned and serviced by the SISA team with most spares available in the warehouse.

With the strong footprint already established in India, customers no longer see beyond SISA-Faraone, whenever they need Aerial Platforms

For more details please visit www.faraone.com

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